Copper is among the first chemical elements used by man.

Over the centuries it has evolved into one of the most versatile elements, from domestic and decorative use.

Today it reaches its maximum transformation, satisfying every request in the most varied sectors.

Spreading for centuries throughout Italy, home to admirers of beauty and detail, copper has always been one of the most sought after materials. Our country, Sant’Anastasia in the province of Naples, is the highest expression of the great appreciation that copper enjoys all over the world.

In fact in Sant’Anastasia reside the best masters of copper processing that, from generation to generation, handed down this tradition of craftsmanship.

We, passionate about this noble chemical element, fascinated by copper and the beauty of everything that derives from it, we are the spokesman of this tradition and of what is produced in all its forms, essences and qualities from copper! For all these reasons, since the copper sector is so vast and different, it can rightfully be a world unto itself, and it is for this reason that it is born.

Therefore for any information, interest or simple curiosity, we are at your disposal.